タイトル あじさい





It is not so long ago, the time of our grand grand father and mothers. It was not rare to find women raising silk and weaving fabrics at home in the areas around cities.

People were making full use of their natural environments. People dyed indigo and katazome by the river, and planted mulberry trees to raise silkworms, produced threads and made their fabrics.

It is not only about fields of fabric making, but also ceramics, wood crafts, paper making, and urushi. All the treasures of Japanese culture was formulated from the nature, and our life activities was almost perfectly within a natural ecological cycle perticular to the calm agrarian's life.

A single straw from rice and wheat, silk degumming and washing cotton, mordants for dyes, glue for katazome dyes, all those drains were returned to the farm soil.

It is endless to mention all other fields of crafts and their material usages, however, we are now only to admire how wonderfully people used the gifts of the nature.

It's been only a century since such times…, what do we see now..?

Do we still have admiration for such a wise way of life, in somewhere deep place of our memory or so called DNA?

I am wishing that such people who like to be in touch with the nature, who take fabric making as their life work instead of business, come to share wonderful time and space together in the Fuai Kobo.

By Morita Hideko

Copyright (C) 2009 Hideko Morita All Rights Reserved.